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Integrated Snailery Practices Among Farmers In Edo State, Nigeria

JO Bifarin, AI Ogunyinka, TA Ogbonmwan


Emphasis is being shifted to the neglected mini-livestock source of protein because of the high cost of production of the conventional animal protein source. This study therefore, analyzed the adoption of integrated snail farming in Edo State. Fifty respondents were randomly selected and interviewed from the three zones of Edo ADP.
Data were collected through the use of structured questionnaire and this was analyzed using the descriptive statistics. Results showed that lack of security on land, inadequate credit, lack of inputs and breeding stocks were identified as factors affecting the adoption of integrated snail farming in the area. There is the need for the snail farmers to be empowered by government (extension agents) to form formal associations as this will enhance their access to production inputs.

African Journal of Livestock Extension Vol. 5 2007: pp. 67-70

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