Live and carcass measurements of Nigerian dwarf sheep and their crosses as related to their edible meat

  • BBA Taiwo


The practical advantages of being able to assess carcass composition from live measurements have long been realised as such findings could be used in breeding programmes especially in selection of mutton lambs. This study examined an array of live and carcass measurements from
forty Nigerian Dwarf Sheep (NDS) and their crosses with Permer (P), Uda (U) and Yankasa (Y) that were strongly related to slaughter weight and thus could be reliably used in determining their carcass composition.
Live and carcass measurements such as heart girth, height at withers, body length, leg length, ramp circumference that were most strongly related (r = 0.70-0.90) to carcass composition were the most significant independent variables in the model were of little practical significance. The
implication of the finding in breeding programme is also examined.

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eISSN: 1596-4019