Maternal and offspring production parameters of Damascus goats raised under Sudan conditions

  • AA Hassabo
  • WM Anna'eem
  • SOA Ni'ma


This study was intended to highlight the production performance parameters of the Damascus breed of goats under Sudan conditions and their interrelations. Forty does representing the imported maternal flock and thirty of their offspring were selected and naturally bred to four bucks of the same breed. Data were collected and mean daily milk production of the dams and its response to age of the dam, litter size and sex. The birth weight of offspring and to what extend it was affected by dam age, litter size and sex of birth was also highlighted. The mean daily yield was found to be 5.366±0.125 pints per goat. Milk yield seemed to be affected by dam age or litter size or sex of birth either. Birth weight of male births was found to be 3.383±0.132kg and that of female births 2.800±0.079kg. This parameter was found to be affected by type of birth between sexes and between female births. There was also difference between birth weights of single male births as compared with single female births and that of twin male births in comparison with their female counterparts.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-4019