African Journal of Marine Science

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Economic characteristics of demand in Namibia's marine recreational shore fishery

F Zeybrandt, JI Barnes


A sample of 626 anglers was surveyed with a questionnaire to determine the expenditures, consumer surpluses and elasticities of demand associated with the Namibian recreational marine shore fishery in 1998. Two entirely different methods of valuation, the travel cost method and contingent valuation, were applied. Results for the two methods indicate convergent validation. On aggregate, anglers spent between N$23 million and N$31 million on angling trips in Namibia during 1998, and they were willing to pay between N$24 million and N$27 million more than this for the experience. The fishery contributed between N$11 million and N$15 million to gross national income. Anglers in the fishery were found willing to pay some N$1 million annually towards conservation of the fish resource, as well as some N$340 000 annually for licences. Demand for angling experiences is generally price inelastic, suggesting that rents might be captured through donations and licence fees, without reducing angler numbers.

Keywords: demand, economic valuation, Namibia, recreational fishery

African Journal of Marine Science 2001, 23: 145–156

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