African Journal of Marine Science

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Life history of plesionika edwardsi (crustacea, decapoda, Pandalidae) around the Canary Islands, Eastern central Atlantic

JI Santana, JA González, IJ Lozano, VM Tuset


The life history of Plesionika edwardsi (Brandt, 1851) around the Canary Islands in the Eastern Central Atlantic was investigated, based on a total of 11 434 shrimps ranging in length between 8 and 40 mm carapace
length (CL). The species carries out seasonal migrations; they concentrate in deep water during winter, move shallower in summer and return to deep water again in autumn. Ovigerous females occur throughout the year, but a spawning peak was determined between April and September. The size at maturity for females was approximately 26 mm CL. Shrimp size generally increased with increasing water depth. The growth parameters for males were L‡ = 25.75 mm CL and K = 0.55 year-1, and L‡ = 28.28 mm CL and K = 0.66.year-1 for females. The species displays the typical reproductive pattern of tropical pandalids and is dioecious.

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