African Journal of Marine Science

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Community participation in the establishment and management of marine protected areas: A review of selected international experience

J Beaumont


Conflicts between conservationists and people seeking access to land and natural resources have caused widespread criticism of conservation organizations and their activities throughout the world. Over the past
decade, however, there has been recognition that the resources within protected areas often form part of the economic, social and political system of rural societies in the vicinity of the protected area. This has led to
the emergence of approaches that aim to involve those that are directly affected in the process of establishing and managing such areas. Key aspects of participatory approaches are: (i) the type of relationship between
the conservation agency and the role-players concerned; and (ii) the type of benefits that accrue to local people. A typology of participatory approaches is outlined and, through a literature review, case studies are drawn from a number of countries that have consulted users and adjacent communities on the establishment or management of protected areas.

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