A mass stranding of the squid martialia hyadesi Rochebrune and mabille, 1889 (teuthoidea: Ommastrephidae) at new island, Falkland islands

  • CP Nolan
  • IJ Strange
  • E Alesworth
  • DJ Agnew


On 11 February 1997, during a period of calm weather and spring tides, a mass stranding of approximately 3 000 Martialia hyadesi was observed in vivo on Protector Beach, New Island, Falkland Islands. Squid made
continued and deliberate movements to beach and drove ashore with considerable force, releasing ink into the water as they did. Beached squid were mostly female (61%) and ranged in size from 22 to 27 cm dorsal mantle
length. All animals were immature, with females in lower stages of maturity than males. No predatory marine mammals were seen in the area during or after the stranding event. An interpretation of the stranding is presented
with reference to historical reports of squid strandings worldwide. Evidence suggests some periodicity in the cycle of squid strandings, which may reflect temporal shifts in frontal zones that alter the behaviour, range and environment of foraging squid populations.

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eISSN: 1814-2338
print ISSN: 1814-232X