African Journal of Marine Science

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Surface Drift in the South-East Atlantic Ocean

PM Wedepohl, JRE Lutjeharms, JM Meeuwis


Surface drift in the South-East Atlantic Ocean is described using historical shipdrift data. The Benguela Current has a width of 200 km in the south and 750 km in the north. The mean speeds of the current vary from
<11 cm.s-1 to a maximum of 23 cm.s-1. The highest current speeds occur during summer in the southern regions and during winter in the northern regions, and this seasonality corresponds well with seasonal wind speeds.
Eddy kinetic energy is enhanced in the Subtropical Convergence zone and is highest in the general vicinity of the Agulhas Current retroflection. The Subtropical Convergence is evident as a line where northward Ekman
drift terminates.

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