Determination of moult stage in the South African West Coast rock lobster Jasus Lalandii (H. Milne Edwards) (Crustacea: Decapoda)

  • G Isaacs
  • AC Cockcroft
  • MJ Gibbons
  • CJ De Villiers


Nine stages and substages of post-, inter- and premoult were distinguished in the West Coast rock lobster Jasus lalandii by microscopic examination of the cuticle, epidermal retraction and setal development in the pleopods.
The postmoult condition is characterized by progressive thickening of the setal walls and cuticle through to intermoult. Premoult commences with apolysis (Stage D0), followed by setal development (Stage D1’, D1”, D1’”)
and culminates with cuticle deposition (Stage D2). The diagnostic features of the stages are generally similar to those of other decapod crustaceans.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1814-2338
print ISSN: 1814-232X