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Lagos Historical Review

Page Header Logo The Lagos Historical Review is an international and interdisciplinary journal publishing papers with a historical focus. The journal generates and participates in debates to advance the discipline of history and promote its relevance to development. The journal aims to serve the academic community with a bias towards history and policy formulation.

Nigerian Journal of Economic History

Page Header Logo The Nigerian Journal of Economic History (NJEH) seeks to promote the scholarly study of Africa's and the developing world's past economic issues and events from a diversity of perspectives notably those of History, Economics, and other relevant disciplines. The Journal, which encourages careful formulation of issues and methods, hopes to stimulate discourse among scholars with varied interests and backgrounds.

South African Journal of Cultural History

Page Header Logo The South African Journal of Cultural Historycontains scientifically researched articles on of Cultural historical significanceOther websites related to this journal: http://reference.sabinet.co.za/sa_epublication/culture

Zaria Historical Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Zaria Historical Research (Zahir) accepts well-researched and scholarly articles on all aspects of humanities and the social sciences.