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African Journal of Accounting and Social Science Studies

AJASSS, the journal of the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy, welcomes research papers concerning all aspects relevant to Accounting, Procurement and Logistic Management, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Market and Public Relations, Management and other Business related studies.

African Journal of Governance and Development

Page Header Logo The African Journal of Governance and Development is a multidisciplinary publication that seeks to bring academic researchers from beyond territorial and regional boundaries to share scientific knowledge focused on the interface of governance and development.  This biannual, peer reviewed journal aims at providing space for sharing and debating issues of social, political and economic development not only for academic consumption, but also for policy considerations.   Launched in 2011, the African Journal of Governance and Development has grown from strength to strength. The journal has over the past few years attracted submissions from East, West and Southern Africa and drawn on reviewers from reputable institutions across the globe. Our publication is co-managed and co-published by institutions in South Africa and Mozambique. This all speaks to the diversity of the journal in terms of academic views, fields of specialisation and geographical boundaries.  

African Journal of Sustainable Development

Page Header Logo Articles should be of sustainable development interest and include full- length reports of original research not previously published elsewhere; research notes which consist of brief reports of new findings, techniques and equipment of importance to sustainable development practice. Reviews or announcement of publications, reports of various sustainable development practice agencies in Africa.

African Journal on Conflict Resolution

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The objectives of the journal are to promote a culture of peace and stability by facilitating the exchanging of ideas and expertise within the conflict resolution community on the continent of Africa, to contribute to developing home-grown (African) methods of preventing, managing and resolving conflict on the continent and the provide a forum for information sharing, networking and learning in the field of conflict resolution. Articles of an academic nature on the theory and practice of dealing with conflict, especially in the context of Africa, are published. Envisaged readers are academic researchers, teachers and students and practitioners in the field of dealing with conflict.The African Journal on Conflict Resolution (AJCR) publishes the writings of a wide range of African and international authors in the field, but emphasis has deliberately been kept on African writers and the thinking emerging from African universities, colleges and organisations.Other websites assiciated with this Journal: http://www.accord.org.za/publications/ajcr/downloads

African Research Review

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo African Research Review (AFRREV) is a Peer Reviewed Multi-Disciplinary Journal of the International Association of African Researchers and Reviewers (IAARR) with its head office in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Its aim is to publish scholarly research outputs in and on Africa. Its focus is on the broad areas of Africa Development and issues in various Academic Disciplines. AFRREV will also publish research monographs, feature articles, brief notes, comments on published articles and book review. The journal is published about four times a year (January, April, July & October) and other issues as the case may be. 
As of 2013 all issues of AFRREV will be open access and therefore free to download.
Other websites associated with this journal: http://afrrevjo.net/?q=ijah_home/archive

African Review of Economics and Finance

Page Header Logo The African Review of Economics and Finance (AREF) is the official journal of the African Review of Economics and Finance Consult (AREF Consult). The journal welcomes high quality articles in theoretical and empirical economics, with special emphasis on African economies. Theoretical contributions can be either innovation in economic theory or rigorous new applications of existing theory. Pure theory papers include, but are by no means limited to, those in behavioural economics and decision theory, game theory, general equilibrium theory, contract theory, public finance, financial economics, industrial organisation, labour economics, development theory and the theory of economic mechanisms.
At the same time AREF publishes papers of high quality dealing with the confrontation of relevant economic theory with observed data through the use of adequate econometric methods. Empirical papers cover topics such as estimation of established relationships between economic variables, testing of hypotheses derived from economic theory, policy evaluation, simulation, forecasting, methodology, econometric methods and measurement.
As a general interest journal, AREF emphasizes the replicability of empirical results. Replication studies of important results in the literature - both with positive or negative results - may be published as short papers in AREF. Authors are expected to make available their data set in case readers, editors or referees should want to replicate results reported in submitted contributions. AREF also welcomes book reviews, and special issues of international conferences and workshops.
Other websites related to this journal: https://upjournals.co.za/index.php/AREF/index and https://journals.co.za/content/journal/aref/browse?page=previous-issues

African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention (ASP) is a forum for discussion and debate among scholars, policy-makers and practitioners active in the field of injury prevention and safety promotion. ASP seeks to promote research and dialogue around a central public health issue that affects Africa, namely injury and violence. Other websites related to this journal: http://www.unisa.ac.za/Default.asp?Cmd=ViewContent&ContentID=25985

AFRREV IJAH: An International Journal of Arts and Humanities

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo IJAH: International Journal of Arts and Humanities, is a Peer Reviewed Journal by International Association of African Researchers and Reviewers, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia and was also incorporated in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission. It is a forum for research on all aspects of arts and humanities. It publishes articles, reviews and scholarly comments relating to the arts and humanities.
It focuses both on conceptual or theoretical approaches and case studies or essays demonstrating how advanced information technologies further scholarly understanding of traditional topics in the arts and humanities. The journal also welcomes submissions on policy, epistemological, and pedagogical issues insofar as they relate directly to computing-based arts and humanities research.

  • Publication within a short period after acceptance

  • About four editions in a year – (January, April, July and September)

  • On-line publication in advance of the printed journal.

  • Papers abstract/indexed by major indexing services 

Other websites associated with this journal: http://afrrevjo.net/?q=ijah_home/archive

Annals of Humanities and Development Studies

Page Header Logo The Annals of Humanities and Development Studies publishes papers in all aspects of humanities and rural, social and cultural development, including peace and international cooperation activities related to societal transformation in developing countries. Papers arising from original research and case studies or forming significant reviews will be evaluated for publication. Submitted papers are subject to a peer review by reputable researchers who are experts in the relevant fields. Our referees will evaluate the quality of research as well as the relevance and accessibility of a paper for an international audience.Other websites related to this journal: https://www.universalacademic.org

Annals of Modern Education

Page Header Logo The Annals of Modern Education will be considered for publication publishes regular papers reporting findings of empirical research of interest to the international audience of researchers in education. However, review articles on specific educational topics will also be entertained. . Manuscripts in all areas of Education – Adult Education, Curriculum and Teaching, Students' Perspectives on Learning Environments, Environmental Education, Social and Special Education, Motivational and Emotional Aspects of Learning, Educational Foundation, etc, will be considered for publication. The Journal aims to facilitate the engagement of researchers world-wide with findings and issues most relevant to their own interests.Other websits related to this journal: http://www.universalacademicservices.org/

Bakolori Journal of General Studies

 This Journal is Open Access
The Bakolori Journal of General Studies (BAJOGES) is a quarterly publication of the Seminar and Publication Committee of Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara as against its former bi-annual policy. This was as a result of the publication grant of the Tertiary Trust Fund and the patronage of the journal from members of the academia. Scholarly articles that cut across various disciplines are reviewed for their contributions to knowledge, general scientific and technological breakthrough, as well as the enhancement of the acquisition of practical skills for self-reliance and national development.
Other websites associated with the journal: https://www.bakolorijournal.com/current/

Counsellor (The)

Page Header Logo The journal publishes research articles that are empirical and theoretical, covering a wide range of issues relating to counselling and has broad interest for a readership comprised mostly of counsellors in educational institutions, mental health, professionals in government, private practice and community agencies. The Counsellor is the major outlet for counselling related issues in Nigeria.

Creative Artist: A Journal of Theatre and Media Studies

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Creative Artist is an annual publication devoted to the advancement of knowledge in all areas of Theatre and Media arts

East African Journal of Education and Social Sciences

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The East African Journal of Education and Social Sciences (EAJESS) is an international open access journal that publishes scholarly articles in the field of education and social sciences. The main focus for this journal is to inspire, motivate and nurture researchers from various corners of the world to search and share knowledge and insights through research and publication. The primary target audience includes researchers and practitioners in the field of education and Social Sciences. Content of manuscripts published in this journal include: Educational Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Technology, Inclusive Education, Educational Psychology, Religious Education, Supervision of Instruction, Quality Assurance in Education, Comparative Education, Issues in Primary, Secondary and Higher Education, Foundations of Education, Teaching Areas like Languages, History, Geography, Economics, Mathematics, Sciences, etc and other issues related to Education and Social Sciences.
Other websites associated with this journal: https://eajess.ac.tz/

Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review

Page Header Logo The Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review (EASSRR) is a bi-annual journal published by the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern Africa (OSSREA). Since the publication of its maiden issue in January 1985, the EASSRR has been serving as a regional forum for reflective thinking and critical discourse on the economic, political, and social aspects as well as development issues of the countries and sub-regions within the Eastern and Southern African Region.

EJOTMAS: Ekpoma Journal of Theatre and Media Arts

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Ekpoma Journal of Theatre and Media Arts (EJOTMAS) is committed to the promotion of scholarship in all the areas of Drama and Theatre, Media and Communication, Music and Dance, Performance Studies and other fields in the Arts and Humanities.Other websites associated with this journal: http://www.aauekpoma.edu.ng/ 

Ethiopian Journal of the Social Sciences and Humanities

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Ethiopian Journal of the Social Sciences and Humanities (EJOSSAH) is a bi-annual publication of the College of Social Sciences, Addis Ababa University. It is a double blind peer-reviewed Journal in English, and it is open to all interested contributors.
Other websites associated with this Journal: http://www.aau.edu.et/css/ethiopian-journal-of-social-sciences-and-humanities/

Gender and Behaviour

Page Header Logo Gender and Behaviour is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to articles, that reflect psychological and behavioural aspects of gender in general. Gender and Behaviour welcomes scholarly manuscripts from authors all over the world on a wide array of subjects concerning psychological and behavioural aspects of gender in general.

Ghana Journal of Geography

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Ghana Journal of Geography (GJG) is published by the Department of Geography and Resource Development, University of Ghana. The Journal publishes the best of original research and scholarship in physical and human geography as well as research from other related disciplines working on issues of spatial relevance. It provides a forum for discussing new issues and ideas of relevance to the developing world.

Ghana Journal of Linguistics

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Ghana Journal of Linguistics is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal appearing twice a year, published by the Linguistics Association of Ghana. Beginning with Volume 2 (2013) it is published in electronic format only, open access, at www.ajol.info. However print-on-demand copies can be made available on application to Digibooks Ghana Ltd.: fred.labi@digibookspublishing.com.The Editors welcome papers on all aspects of linguistics. Articles submitted should not have been previously published.The Editors welcome reports on research in progress and brief notices of research findings, as well as news of general interest to linguists.The Editors also welcome books from authors and publishers for review in the Ghana Journal of Linguistics. They may be sent to Dr. Obadele Kambon, Editor-in-Chief, Ghana Journal of Linguistics, University of Ghana, P. O. Box LG73, Accra, Ghana. Anyone who wishes to review a particular book is invited to contact the editor.Submissions should be submitted electronically to the Editor-in-Chief, at http://laghana.org/gjl. They should be accompanied by a brief biographical note giving the author’s name in the form it should appear in print, plus current academic or professional position and field of research interest. Please see the Author guidelines for detailed instructions.The Ghana Journal of Linguistics is published by the Linguistics Association of Ghana, P. O. Box LG61, Legon, Accra, Ghana.
Email: linguisticsgh@gmail.com. Website: http://www.laghana.org

Global Journal of Community Medicine

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Global Journal of Community Medicine is aimed at promoting research in all areas of community or public health. It addresses issues of primary and tertiary health care. It deals with problems and solutions of health problems at the grassroots and daily livings.Visit the Global Journal Series website here: http://www.globaljournalseries.com/

Global Journal of Humanities

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Global Journal of Humanities is aimed at promoting reasearch in all areas of Humanities including philosophy, languages, linguistics, literature, history, fine/applied arts, theater arts, architecture, etc.Visit the Global Journal Series website here: http://www.globaljournalseries.com/ 

Global Journal of Social Sciences

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Global Journal of Social Sciences is aimed at promoting research in all areas of Sociology, Anthropology, Management Sciences, Geography, Regional Planning etc.Visit the Global Journal Series website here: http://www.globaljournalseries.com/ 

Haramaya Law Review

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Haramaya Law Review (HLR) publishes original scientific manuscripts and disseminates scientific and information to the users in Ethiopia, Africa and elsewhere in the world. It also enhances exchange of ideas among scientists engaged in research and development activities and accepts papers from anywhere else in the world. The Haramaya Law Review (HLR) publishes original scholarly works on any topic relevant to the legal community, including analysis of domestic or international laws and cases, the African Union and other international organizations, challenges and lessons from domestic practice, and original field research.Other websites associated with this journal: http://www.haramaya.edu.et/academics/college-of-law/journal/

Humanities Review Journal

Page Header Logo Humanities Review Journal is published in June and December by Humanities Research Forum. The Journal publishes original, well-researched papers, review essays, interviews, resume, and commentaries, which offer new insights into the various disciplines in the Humanities. The focus is on issues about Africa. However, comparative works from Western and other cultures designed to enhance the vitality of humanistic studies in Africa are acceptable.

The various issues parade contributions from the fields of Theatre Arts, Philosophy, English Language, Literature in English, History, Music, Communication Arts, Anthropology and other relevant disciplines.

Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies

Page Header Logo Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies (IJHS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal published by the Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. Founded in 1981, IJHS is an annual publication which serves as an interdisciplinary forum for the presentation and discussion of issues of broad humanistic relevance. Preference is given to articles related to the African experience and environment, but there is also room for issues that embrace the larger international order or human culture from which the African world may derive valuable comparative insights. The copyright for reproduction of articles published in the journal belongs to the Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. However, the responsibility for obtaining copyright permission for the fair use of any published material is that of the individual author, as the faculty accepts no liability whatsoever for any failure to do this.

Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The journal is an initiative of the Phenomenology Research Group based at Edith Cowan University, South West Campus, in Western Australia and Rhodes University in South Africa, where there had been a long-established phenomenological tradition.

The Phenomenology Research Group is a circle of postgraduate scholars who have a range of research interests which cross a broad spectrum of areas including education, health, religion, business, tourism, counselling and psychology. The journal is published by NISC SA (IPJP on NISC) and has its own website online here: http://www.ipjp.org/

Inkanyiso: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The journal’s objectives are to publish papers of broad interest in the humanities and social sciences. The journal strives to enable a sound balance between theory and practice and will publish papers of research, conceptual, viewpoint, case study, literature review nature in broad topics in the field such as: Philosophy and Psychology, Religion and Theology, Social Sciences, Language, the Arts, Literature and Rhetoric, Geography and History, Management, Communication, Media and Information Sciences.

The Journal has its own website here: http://www.inkanyiso.uzulu.ac.za/

International Journal of Community Research

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo International Journal of Community Research (IJCR) [ISSN: 2315 – 6562; E-ISSN: 2384 - 6828] is a peer reviewed journal publication of Anthonio Research Center. IJCR publishes research articles, review articles, short reports and commentaries that are community-based or inter and intra-cultural based. IJCR also accepts manuscripts on family/human relationship, human behavior, public health, politics, and conflict resolution.Other websites related to this journal: www.anrescentpub.com

International Journal of Modern Anthropology

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Some recent rigorous studies in anthropological research begin to provide new conclusions against some classic questionable considerations and /or show increasing tendency to do some syntheses of multidisciplinary data. The revelation of these two events marks the birth of a modern anthropology. The principal aim of this journal is to contribute to the development of this modern anthropology.
Another website related to this open access journal: www.ata.org.tn

Italian Studies in Southern Africa/Studi d'Italianistica nell'Africa Australe

Page Header Logo The journal aims at providing a forum for academic discussion on all aspects of Italian culture. It features articles on Italian language and literature and, since it is one of the primary aims of the journal to foster multi- and inter-disciplinary study and communication, contributions are invited from all writers interested in Italian culture, irrespective of their specific disciplines. Contributions also of a less theoretical nature which provide an insight into Italian culture, especially as it manifests itself in Southern Africa, also receive attention. Since 2010 the journal has been also accredited by the Australian Research Council and added to the ERA list.Please note: As of November 2017 the printed version of this joural is going to be discontinued and the online version will be OA with a 2-year embargo on all articles.

Journal for Juridical Science

Page Header Logo The Journal for Juridical Science is an accredited national professional journal which publishes original research articles in law in Afrikaans and English. Multi and interdisciplinary contributions which bridge the gap between legal scholarship and other pertinent academic disciplines, are welcomed. The Journal for Juridical Science prefers articles which reflect basic legal research, but does not restrict itself to basic research. All published contributions are submitted for refereeing by peers and successful articles qualify for subsidy by the Department of National Education.Other websites related to this journal: http://www.journals.co.za/ej/ejour_juridic.htmlMore information is available on the University of the Free State website http://www.uovs.ac.za/faculties/

Journal of Consumer Sciences

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Journal of Consumer Sciences is an official publication of the South African Association of Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences (SAAFECS).
The Journal of Consumer Sciences (JCS) publishes articles that focus on consumer experiences in different places and from different perspectives and methodological positions. The journal will consider research from within the fields of consumer studies, consumer science, home economics, family studies, consumer education, consumer rights and consumer behaviour.  We also consider household and/or individual food security to be a facet of food consumerism and hence those working in this field should consider publishing in this journal. The journal also welcomes current consumer-related research that examines the impact of environmental, community and sustainability issues.

Journal of Development and Communication Studies

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Journal of Development and Communications Studies (JDCS), published online and in print by Development Media Consulting, is a biannual academic, peer reviewed journal, ISSN 2305-7432, dedicated to research exploring linkages between communication and human development. The core aim of the JDCS is to make available to development planners, students, civil society, politicians and the public, research recommendations for the benefit of social development in Malawi and Africa, foremost, and the world, second.JDCS welcomes contributions from all over the world. Malawian academics, researchers, and university students are especially encouraged to submit their original research (completed and ongoing alike) reports for publication.JDCS  believes in the words of Dr Nyengo Mkandawire of the University of Malawi who said, during his professorial inaugural lecture  on 17 March, 2014, that:“Ideally, [research findings] must be published locally [because] it has been shown that research published in local journals has the highest likelihood of changing practice.”Other websites associated with this journal: www.devcomsjournalmw.org

Journal of Educational Foundations

Page Header Logo The Journal of Educational Foundations (JEF) publishes papers from all fields in education. The Editorial Board accepts original, scholarly articles on significant educational issues in Nigeria and Africa. Both empirical and theoretical papers are accepted, although empirical papers are strongly preferred. Papers should concentrate on providing practical suggestions to improve the quality of education across Nigeria and Africa in general.

Journal of History and Diplomatic Studies

Page Header Logo The Journal of History and Diplomatic Studies journal includes papers that focus specifically on developments in Africa and/or the continent’s relations with the outside world. All articles must, however, make fresh and original contribution to knowledge and the journal will consider well-researched articles on any aspects of History and Diplomatic/International studies.

Journal of Humanities

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Journal of Humanities is a scholarly and peer-reviewed journal of the Faculty of Humanities at Chancellor College, University of Malawi. The journal aims to foster critical and theoretical debates in the areas of classics, fine and performing arts, communication, literature and orature, linguistics, theology and philosophy. The journal publishes original research articles, scholarly opinions, and review articles. Priority is given to articles focusing on East, Central and Southern Africa. JH has a pluralistic and non-partisan approach.

Journal of Religion and Human Relations

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Journal of Religion and Human Relations (JORAHR) is an academic journal with focus on religious and human relations issues, but accommodates researches from other disciplines within academic spectrum. The African continent is the main focus.

Journal of Student Affairs in Africa

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Journal of Student Affairs in Africa (JSAA) is an independent, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary, open-access academic journal that publishes scholarly research and reflective discussions about the theory and practice of student affairs in Africa.
JSAA aims to contribute to the professionalization of student affairs in African higher education. It strives to be the foremost academic journal dealing with the theory and practice of the student affairs domain in universities on the African continent, and an indispensable resource for the executive leadership of universities and colleges dealing with student affairs, deans of students and other senior student affairs professionals, as well as institutional researchers and academics and students focused on the field of higher education studies and student affairs.
JSAA is published twice a year by the JSAA Editors in collaboration with University of Pretoria. The editorial and peer review policy adheres to the Code of Best Practice in Editorial Discretion and Peer Review for South African Scholarly Journals (Academy of Sciences of SA Council, 2008). JSAA is published online and in print. Authors publish free of charge; there are no processing or page fees. 
Since 2017, JSAA is DHET-accredited in South Africa by the national Department of Higher Education and Training as a subsidy earning scholarly journal on the SA-list of accredited journals. JSAA is indexed and co-hosted by AJOL, DOAJ, and indexed by ERIC, BASE, WorldCat Libraries and Google Scholar. Scopus, Sherpa/Romeo, Infobase and other indexing service subscriptions are currently being pursued. 


Please register for alerts about new issues and opportunities at https://upjournals.up.ac.za/index.php/jsaa.
Other websites associated with this journal: www.jsaa.ac.za

Legon Journal of the Humanities

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Founded in 1974, Legon Journal of the Humanities (LJH) is a peer-reviewed periodical published by the College of Humanities, University of Ghana. LJH welcomes the following types of contributions in the humanities from scholars in all countries: 

  1. research articles 

  2. reviews of new and particularly noteworthy books and films

  3. interviews with distinguished writers, filmmakers, and scholars

The journal is devoted to the study of the humanities, operationally conceptualized to cover not just the arts and languages but also social science disciplines, such as cultural studies, human geography, international affairs, management studies, political science, psychology, and sociology. The journal occasionally publishes theme-based issues, coordinated by guest editors. For such editions, a call for papers (CFP) is announced in a preceding issue of the journal and/or through listserv/mail shots. 
For all its issues, LJH only publishes original contributions (i.e., papers that have not been published elsewhere) and therefore, disapproves of duplicate publication and multiple submissions of the same paper to different publication outlets.  In consonance with best academic practices, it equally takes a very dim view of the illegitimate direct replication of material in the form of plagiarism, including self-plagiarism. The Editorial Board will not only ban authors of plagiarized material from any subsequent association with the journal, but also bring any breach of intellectual property rights to the attention of the contributor’s institution.
The language of publication is English. As of Vol. 26, LJH will be published online twice a year as a gratis open access journal.  
Legon Journal of the Humanities is indexed in Modern Language Association (MLA) and Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).


 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Lexikos is the official journal of the African Association for Lexicography (AFRILEX). The aim of Lexikos is to create a vehicle for national and international discussion of lexicography, and in particular to serve lexicography in Africa with its rich variety of languages; – to stimulate discourse between lexicographers as well as between lexicographers and linguists; – to establish and promote contact with local and foreign lexicographic projects; – to focus general attention on the interdisciplinary nature of lexicography, which also involves fields such as linguistics, general linguistics, lexicology, computer science, management, etc.; – to further and coordinate cooperation in all fields of lexicography; and – to promote the aims of the African Association for Lexicography (AFRILEX). Impact Factor: Lexikos is ISI-rated by Thompson Reuters on their various indexes, namely Arts and Humanities Citation Index®, Current Contents®/Arts & Humanities, Current Contents®/Social and Behavioral Sciences, Journal Citation Reports/Social Sciences Edition, Social Sciences Citation Index®, and Social Scisearch® The Impact Factor of Lexikos in the Linguistics category with their latest rankings was 0.667. Lexikos is furthermore indexed on Scopus, Linguistic Bibliography Online, Linguistics Abstracts Online, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, MLA International Bibliography & R.R.K. Hartmann's Bibliography of Lexicography.Other websites related to this journal: http://lexikos.journals.ac.za

Lwati: A Journal of Contemporary Research

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Lwati: A journal of Contemporary Research is a peer-reviewed Journal. It publishes New Research from every aspect of the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

Management & Economics Research Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Management & Economics Research Journal is a peer-reviewed biannual international journal and free of charge (not charge any article processing charges "APCs" or publication fees), It is also a fully open-access journal for readers and authors, issued regularly by the Faculty of Economics, Commercial and Management Sciences - Ziane Achour University of Djelfa (Governmental university affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Algeria), in two issues (March and September) from each year. The Journal is interested in the following fields of research (Business, Management, and Economics).
For further information, please visit the journal website: www.mer-j.com

Mgbakoigba: Journal of African Studies

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Mgbakoigba welcomes original and incisive contributions engaging historical and contemporary issues relevant to the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Environmental Sciences, especially as they affect the field of African Studies. Its main emphasis is to generate and construct a new agenda for approaching history, methodology and theory in African knowledge production. Considering new frameworks for reflecting and addressing issues arising from the present context of economic, political, cultural and technological changes, the journal aims to establish a platform to revisit the grand teleological narration of progress and modernity where Africa has always been denied intellectual agency and subjectivity.  The editors seek research papers and innovative essays engaging new debates, exhibition review essays, cultural events, responses to contemporary cultural criticisms in the relevant disciplines. All work submitted are subject to peer review. All submissions must not exceed 6, 000 word papers. 
All manuscripts and inquiries should be directed to the editor: Dr. Okechukwu Nwafor;  Email: mgbakoigba@gmail.com

New Agenda: South African Journal of Social and Economic Policy

Page Header Logo This is a policy journal analyzing social and economic issues in South Africa. We publish infomed articles by experts and decision makers. These articles are accessible to the ordinary reader.Other website associated with this journal: www.newagenda.org.za

Nigerian Journal of Family Practice

Page Header Logo Nigerian Journal of Family Practice (NJFP) serves as a repository for cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research in all fields of primary health care and family medicine in a uniquely African context. Encouraging scholarly exchange between family medicine and primary health care researchers and practitioners across Sub-Saharan Africa, NJFP provides a contextual and holistic view of family medicine as practiced across the continent. The journal is indispensable for family medicine specialists, primary health care practitioners and academics from both the developing and developed worlds, and offers an engaging insight into the growth of these disciplines from a distinctly African perspective.Coverage of NJFP includes: Family medicine; Primary health care; District health; Rural health; Health promotion Prevention of disease and disability; Community oriented primary care; Education and training of professionals and health workers in primary health care and family medicine; Medical informatics and information science; Accident & Emergency care; Occupational Health; Travel Medicine etc.

OGIRISI: a New Journal of African Studies

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo OGIRISI is a multidisciplinary journal. Its principal scope definition is focus on Africa. It therefore welcomes articles that attend to the African world, existence and development; African worldview and values; African symbols and institutions; African situation and the globalizing world; African problems and prospects. Reviews of publications that focus on Africa are also received.

Pan African Medical Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo We publish original scientific studies, comments on currents health initiatives, project and work reports, personal experiences, reviews of current health initiatives, educational articles and paper commenting on clinical, social, political, economical and all other factors affecting health. We are particularly interested in receiving articles and comments reflecting the point of view and experience of professionals working in Africa related to the impact of currents public health initiatives on their daily routine. The Journal is available online here: www.panafrican-med-journal.com/

Revue Burkinabè de droit

Page Header Logo la RBD se compose de trois parties : doctrine - jurisprudence - chronique de législation. La partie doctrine comprend des articles de droit de burkinabè, écrits essentiellement par les enseignants de l'UFR/Sciences Juridiques et Politiques. La partie jurisprudence comprend une sélection des décisions et arrêts des juridictions burkinabé. Certaines de ces décisions et arrêts font l'objet de commentaires par les enseignants. Enfin la partie chronique de législation donne la législation et la réglementation qui ont été prises sur un semestre donné. Outre donc le fait que notre revue est animée par les enseignants et praticiens de droit, elle dispose d'une organisation composée d'un comité de direction, d'un comité scientifique et d'un comité de rédaction.

Rwanda Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
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The individual series of this journal are currently being separated into individual journals on AJOL. 
The journal publishes original works on both fundamental and applied research. Such works either demonstrate a significant new discovery or other contribution that has been established to fairly rigorous scientific standards. The Journal will publish articles written in standard British English. However, articles on a specific subject matter will be published in the language of the subject matter and will contain an abstract in British English.The Journal publishes under a different subject category in each volume, for example:Rwanda Journal, Series A: Arts and humanitiesRwanda Journal, Series B: Social SciencesRwanda Journal, Series C: Mathematical Sciences, Engineering and Technology and Rwanda Journal, Series D: Life and Natural Sciences have merged to form the Rwanda Journal of Engineering, Science, Technology and Environment and can be found here: https://www.ajol.info/index.php/rjeste/indexRwanda Journal, Series E: Agricultural Sciences - This series is now a separate journal on AJOL and can be found here: https://www.ajol.info/index.php/rjeasRwanda Journal, Series F: Medicine and Health Sciences - This Journal has merged with the Rwanda Journal of Health Sciences and can be found here: https://www.ajol.info/index.php/rjmhs/indexRwanda Journal, Series G: LawRwanda Journal, Series H: Economics and ManagementSeries A, B, G and H have merged to form the Rwanda Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Business and can be found here: https://www.ajol.info/index.php/rjsshb

Rwanda Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Business

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The main objective of the Rwanda Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Business (RJSHB) is to disseminate scientific knowledge and generate debate in an interdisciplinary context, linking the different areas of social sciences such as anthropology, political science, history, philosophy, Sociology, Social Work, Education, Human Resources, Administration, Gender Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Psychology, Development Studies, Geography, journalism and communication, Fine and Performing art, Language and Linguistics, information studies, Religion, all areas of law, Management and Business Studies, economy and related fields.
RJSHB is focused on the analysis of societies, on the study of social problems, and on guidelines needed to overcome them. Thus, it is contributing to a qualitative and social transformation. This will help to the societies' development with a rigorous scientific basis, internationally proved.
With this approach, the journal also aims to reflect the outcomes of the major global research in social sciences, humanities and business; RJSHB pretends to achieve critical and scientific debate based on evidences that contribute to the theoretical and empirical knowledge.

Rwandan Journal of Education

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Rwandan Journal of Education (RJE) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed, and annual journal dedicated to education. Its primary goal is to publish and advance knowledge and research in the field of education. The Journal is based at the University of Rwanda – College of Education and it publishes articles that critically explore research and theoretical issues, as well as innovations that inform education policy, planning and practice.
RJE encourages submission of original and unpublished manuscripts on pertinent educational issues that will stimulate and/or enrich discussion forums on improving quality in all aspects of education including teaching and learning processes, programs, governance, management and others.
Other websites associated with this journal: www.ce.ur.ac.rw 

South African Crime Quarterly

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo South African Crime Quarterly is an inter-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal that promotes professional discourse and the publication of research on the subjects of crime, criminal justice, crime prevention, and related matters including state and non-state responses to crime and violence. South Africa is the primary focus for the journal but articles on the above mentioned subjects that reflect research and analysis from other African countries are considered for publication, if they are of relevance to South Africa.
SACQ is an applied policy journal. Its audience includes policy makers, criminal justice practitioners and civil society researchers and analysts, including the academy. The purpose of the journal is to inform and influence policy making on violence prevention, crime reduction and criminal justice. Articles submitted to SACQ are double-blind peer-reviewed before publication.
Other sites related to this journal: http://www.issafrica.org/publications/south-african-crime-quarterly

Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics (SPiL) is an annual/biannual open access, peer-reviewed international journal, published by the Department of General Linguistics, Stellenbosch University. The papers published in SPiL are intended for scholars with an interest in linguistics and related disciplines. SPiL provides a platform for scholars to share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews.
Though many of the contributions originally took the form of working papers – presented for critical discussion – all have been subjected to review. Some of the papers appearing in SPiL may be published later in a revised or extended form elsewhere.
Other website associated with this journal: http://spil.journals.ac.za/pub/index 

Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus

 This Journal is Open Access
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SPiL Plus originated as a supplement to Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics (SPiL). The SPiL Plus series has two main aims. Firstly, it serves as a vehicle for the distribution of new and relatively inaccessible information in the field of modern linguistics. Secondly, it aims to stimulate critical discussion in Southern African linguistics.

SPiL Plus is an annual/biannual open access, peer-reviewed international journal, published by the Department of General Linguistics, Stellenbosch University. The papers published in SPiL Plus are primarily intended for scholars with an interest in linguistics and related disciplines in Southern Africa. SPiL Plus provides a platform for scholars to share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews.
Other website associated with this journal: http://spilplus.journals.ac.za/pub/index

Studies in Gender and Development in Africa

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo This journal has ceased publication. SIGADA is a trans-disciplinary publication that prioritizes gender as a development issue. It is a forum for sharing research, resources, aesthetic expressions, lived realities and activisms that privilege and promote gender issues in development as well as contribute towards gender equality and social justice in Africa. Regional (continental), sub-regional, national, area, organizational and individual as well as trans-national studies and works are accepted. It supports the sharing of research and other productions on gender issues in Africa’s development. Theoretical and empirical works on social and physical sciences are accepted. Submissions may focus on policy, programmes, and/or projects. A clear link to development is a basic requirement. In order to support the sharing of diverse experiences, articles, biographies, book reviews, research reports, poetry or songs, community events, national resources inventories and project designs are encouraged. 

Uganda Journal

Page Header Logo The Uganda Journal is a publication of the Uganda Society, an open-members'association interested in all aspects and sectors of Uganda. In addition to its original central objective when first published in 1934, which was to publish information which would add to the knowledge of Uganda and to record for posterity that which in the course of time might be lost, the journal also has widened its purpose to become the society's forum for broader intellectual exchanges and debate about Uganda. The emphasis is to maintain a strong organic linkage with the larger Ugandan public in all its diversity.

UJAH: Unizik Journal of Arts and Humanities

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo UJAH: Unizik Journal of Arts and Humanities is a multidisciplinary journal devoted to the promotion of excellence in theoretical and applied research and the dissemination of research reports as tools for learning. It publishes scholarly articles in such areas of the humanities as Igbo and other African languages and literatures, English and other European languages and literatures, Chinese and other Asian languages and literatures, History, Philosophy, Religion, Music, Theatre Arts, etc. UJAH seeks to grow the variety of human languages by maintaining a liberal language policy. Authors are encouraged to write in whatever language they are most proficient. In any case, the abstract shall be available in English

University of Mauritius Research Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The University of Mauritius Research Journal is an international, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal, dedicated to make accessible the latest results of researchers from a broad sweep of subject areas. The UOM Research Journal accepts original articles, reviews of existing knowledge, short communications which have not been previously published. The articles should be written in English except for fields related to French language. Papers can be submitted at any time and will be published online in the UOM Research Journal once it has been accepted for publication by the International Editorial Board.Other websites related to the journal: http://vcampus.uom.ac.mu/rci/resjournal/index.phpThis journal has ceased publishing due to a re-branding strategy. 

Zambezia: The Journal of Humanities of the University of Zimbabwe

Page Header Logo Zambezia is a bi-annual journal of the University of Zimbabwe. Its focus is humanities in Zimbabwe and the surrounding region but specialist articles of a more general interest are also published.

Zaria Historical Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Zaria Historical Research (Zahir) accepts well-researched and scholarly articles on all aspects of humanities and the social sciences.