Does an anteriorly tilted pelvis adversely influence the elderly’s ability to sit to stand?

  • C De Koning
  • M Miller
  • C Tucker
  • TJ Ellapen
Keywords: Anteriorly tilted pelvis, sit to stand.


Anecdotal reports suggest that the elderly who have anteriorly tilted pelvis experience difficulty to successful complete the sit to stand movement (STSM). The purpose of this study was to determine whether anteriorly tilted pelvis negatively impacts on the elderly’s functional ability to complete the STSM. One hundred and four geriatric members (85 females; 19 males) residing at TAFTA with an average age of 73.97±7.1 years (range 66-80 years) participated in a controlled, observational cross sectional study investigating the electromyography (EMG) force couple relationship of biceps femoris and rectus femoris involved in the STSM. Participants completed a self-report questionnaire (incidence of chronic musculoskeletal injuries, anatomical site of injury, intensity of the pain and their weekly physical activity); Thomas test (hip flexor contracture), EMG activity were recorded during the transition from sit to stand and a postural analysis. The postural analyses identified the presence of kyphosis and anteriorly tilted pelvis in the sagittal plane. 68% of the participants had anteriorly tilted pelvis (ATP) (p<0.0001) whose left hip flexor contracture significantly differed from the other 33 participants with neutral aligned pelvis (NAP) (p<0.05). These 71 had greater biceps femoris EMG activity during the STSM compared to the 33 with NAP (p<0.0001). There was no statistical difference between the NAP and the ATP groups with regards to age, body mass, stature, weekly physical activity profile and seated EMG measures (p>0.05). The greater EMG activity of the biceps femoris of the ATP participants further supports the clinical finding of the Thomas test, suggesting an abnormal force couple relationship between their hip extensors and flexors. Elderly people with an anteriorly tilted pelvis have an abnormal biceps femoris: rectus femoris force couple relationship which impacts on their sit to stand capability.

Keyword: Anteriorly tilted pelvis, sit to stand.


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eISSN: 1117-4315