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Managing human resources in sport: Issues, challenges and possible remedies

J Surujlal


The common thread that synchronises all activities associated in a sport organisation is its human resources – the people who work tirelessly behind the scene to bring the best possible experience in sport to the management, players, sponsors and spectators. Thus, the most precious asset in any organisation today is not its activities, the production line, its retail outlets, the finances, the technology or the inventory in the warehouse, but its human resources - the people who make up the organisation. This conceptual paper on issues and challenges experienced by human resources in sport organisations focuses on two human resources, namely the sport coach and volunteers who play a crucial role in assisting the sport organisation achieve its objectives. With regard to the sport coach the focus is on sport coaching, job security and performance appraisal. Recommendations on improving their job security and appraising their performance are provided. The important function that volunteers perform is highlighted and suggestions regarding attracting and retaining them are provided. The preparation of human resources for the sport industry is also discussed. It is argued that the dynamic nature of sport, its increasingly competitive environment and exponential growth in South Africa warrants a greater understanding of the issues and challenges of human resources so that they can be addressed appropriately.

Keywords: Human resources, sport coach, job security, performance appraisal, volunteers

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