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Acquiring midwifery skills: Learner-midwives’ emic views with regard to experiential learning environment in Limpopo Province, South Africa

M.K. Thopola, M.E. Lekhuleni


This study explored the emic views of learner-midwives with regard to their experiential learning environment in the Limpopo Province using a qualitative descriptive phenomenological and contextual research design. The target population included all the learner-midwives pursuing their final year studies at the University of Limpopo who were placed in maternity units of public hospitals for their midwifery experiential learning exposure. Purposive sampling was utilised to select three focus groups consisting of six participants each. Focus groups were conducted for data collection until saturation was reached. Audiotapes and Fields notes were used to capture verbal and nonverbal communication. Data were analysed using the Teschs’ open coding method. The study revealed that the learner-midwives experienced an experiential environment that was not conducive to learning. The study concluded that learner-midwives were exposed to inadequate human and material resources, which impeded them from acquiring midwifery skills.

Keywords: Acquiring midwifery skills, learner-midwives, emic views, midwifery experiential
learning environment.

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