African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences

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Abel L. Toriola


1. The article titled, “Increased body mass index and waist circumference exert opposite effects on body iron status: A systematic review,” that was co-authored by M.M. Moraba, M.S. Mabusela, F. Mashinya and S.S.R. Choma, was published in African Journal for Physical and Health Sciences (AJPHES) Vol. 22(1:2) March 2016. The page numbering in the first page (the header and section on how to cite this article) of the article was erroneously indicated as pages 251 – 272. The correct page numbers in which the article was actually published were pages 251 – 269.

2. In the article titled, “The challenges experienced by students with a physical disability (SWPD) at a higher education institution in South Africa” published in African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance (AJPHERD) December 2015 (Supplement 1:4), pp. 801-811, the co-authors were listed as K. Nel, S.A. Rankoana, I. Govender, K. Mothibi and M. Moloantoa. The correct spelling for the last co-author’s name should be “M. Maotoana” instead of M. Moloantoa as erroneously reflected in the article.

The errors are regretted.

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