Expo market segmentation variables as moderators of expo technology acceptance

  • MP Swart
  • WH Engelbrecht
Keywords: Expo, moderation, technology acceptance, expo visitor, mobile application.


This study examines the technology acceptance model (TAM) by exploring the factors influencing expo visitors to use an exhibition (expo) mobile application. Therefore, the moderating effects of five market segmentation variables (i.e. age, gender, language, province and type of expo visitor) in the relationship between either Expo Application Online Usefulness (ExpoApp_OU) or Expo Application Ease of Use (ExpoApp_EU) and Intention to Use Expo Applications (IU_ExpoApps), are investigated. A cross-sectional survey yielded a sample of 402 respondents at the HuntEx expo, in Midrand, South Africa. IBM SPSS version 23.0 was used to conduct a factor analysis, followed by a test for normality. Pearson product-moment correlation examined the relationships between (i) ExpoApp_OU and ExpoApp_EU, (ii) ExpoApp_OU and IU_ExpoApps, as well as (iii) ExpoApp_EU and IU_ExpoApps). A Soper Interaction (1.6.2133) was used to determine the moderating effect. Findings suggest the partial moderation effects between age, gender and language with ExpoApp_EU and IU_ExpoApps. Expo visitor category partially moderates the relationship between ExpoApp_OU and ExpoApp_EU. No moderating effects were found for the province where expo visitors travelled from. The variables moderating the different market segment variables in the technology acceptance of expo visitors assist could expo managers and organisers in understanding the importance of ExpoApp_OU, ExpoApp_EU and IU_ExpoApps.

Keywords: Expo, moderation, technology acceptance, expo visitor, mobile application.

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print ISSN: 2411-6939