Analysis of sport sponsorship management in South Africa - Implications for Africa

  • CH van Heerden
  • PJ du Plessis
Keywords: sport sponsorship management, objectives, leverage, and measurement


The aim of this paper is to establish a framework that may contribute to African sport manager's understanding of sport sponsorship management and decision-making. In this paper a number of focus areas, that outline the sport sponsorship management and decision-making process, are proposed. These focus areas are:

· Sport sponsorship management principles
· Management tasks
· Budgeting
· Sport sponsorship objectives
· Sponsored property analysis
· Sport sponsorship audiences
· The use of marketing and communication mix variables
· Cross-impact, tie-ins and leverage
· Sport sponsorship evaluation

A survey among main South African sponsors analysed their decision-making approach within each of the focus areas. The findings are analysed and possible applications to the rest of Africa are proposed.

Key Words: sport sponsorship management, objectives, leverage, and measurement.

AJPHERD. Vol.10(1) 2004: 71-89

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print ISSN: 2411-6939