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Evaluation of an HIV-risk reduction programme for first-year university students in South Africa

Karl Peltzer, MW Bopape


The aim of this study was to evaluate an HIV-related risk reduction programme for heterosexual university students using a pre-post test intervention design. Participants included 814 university students, of which 351 (43.1 %) were males and 423 (52.0 %) were females with a mean age of 19.3 years (SD=2.6). Results indicated that HIV-related knowledge; condom knowledge and risk perception were enhanced by the HIV- related risk reduction programme. However, there is a need for improvement, especially with regard to attitudes towards condoms since some students still had negative attitudes even after the intervention programme.

Key Words: Evaluation, HIV-risk reduction intervention, university students, South Africa.

AJPHERD Vol.10(3) 2004: 180-192

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