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The management of professional sport coaches in South Africa

J Surujlal, C Singh, WJ Hollander


This paper presents the results of a study on human resources managers and professional sport coaches at sport organizations in South Africa. It focuses specifically on the management of professional coaches. The methodology involved an extensive literature survey, structured in-depth interviews and the administration of 900 structured questionnaires. The empirical findings when compared with the literature provided evidence that shortcomings existed with regard to the management of coaches in South Africa. The training and development of coaches should be approached with the uniqueness of their job in mind. There is also a need to utilize recruitment and selection techniques specifically applicable to sport coaches. Coaches experienced problems with job security; therefore appropriate actions need to be taken by HR managers to satisfy their job security needs. The performance of coaches was mainly based on their win/loss record. Other factors, in addition to their win/loss record, need to be considered when appraising performance. Furthermore, coaches were dissatisfied with their compensation; therefore HR managers need to review compensation packages that are offered to them.
Key words: Professional, coach, human resources, job security.
AJPHERD Vol.11(2) 2005: 84-94

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