The relationship between stadium sportscapes dimensions, desire to stay and future attendance

  • M Dhurup
  • M.A Mofoka
  • J Surujlal
Keywords: Servicescapes, sportscapes, desire to stay, future attendance.


Leisure and sport services require spectators to spend extended periods of time in the physical surroundings of the service provider. Servicescapes play an important role in determining whether or not spectators are satisfied, which in turn may influence how long they desire to stay in the facility and whether they intend to re-patronise the leisure facility. Research on servicescapes and to a limited extent on sportscapes has sought to establish the importance of cues in service environments. This study is part of a wider study that examined various dimensions of sportscapes using a quantitative approach in establishing the reliability and validity of a sportscapes scale. Seven sportscapes dimensions were established, namely, scoreboard quality, refreshments, facility aesthetics, space allocation, stadium accessibility, seating comfort and stadium cleanliness. The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship of the identified seven sportscapes dimensions on desire to stay in a sport facility and future attendance. Significant positive correlations were found between the seven sportscape dimensions; desire to stay within a facility and future attendance. The regression analysis reported significant predictive relationships between the stadium sportscapes and desire to stay within the stadia and future attendance. With increasing competition among various sport industries, managers and owners of stadiums need to take cognisance of sportscapes which shape spectators’ experience in service provider’s environments.

Key words: Servicescapes, sportscapes, desire to stay, future attendance.


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print ISSN: 2411-6939