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Anger, hostility, verbal aggression and physical aggression: Correlates among South African university student-athletes

J Dubuhlela, j Surujlal


Anger, hostility and verbal utterances have been linked to excessive aggression and other forms of violent behaviours both in sport and in society. They always lead to antagonistic responses and aggressive behaviours in sporting activities. The study examined whether a combination of anger, hostility, and verbal utterances would predict physical aggressive behaviour among student-athletes in South African universities. A cross-sectional study of 300 student-athletes from three South African universities was undertaken. Participants responded to a questionnaire measuring anger, hostility, verbal and physical aggression. Scale correlation results indicated that athletes’ anger, hostility, verbal aggression and physical aggression are strongly and positively associated. The regression analysis demonstrated that anger, hostility and verbal aggression predict physical aggression among university student athletes and that it is important to devise ways to preserve the athletic-behaviour of South African university competitors. Treatment and both sporting and management implications are discussed and suggestions for further research are suggested.

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