Health-educator performance evaluation for quality teaching

  • M Maluleke
  • VO Netshandama
  • A Kutame
Keywords: Health educator performance, health educator evaluation, educator development


There is a strong move in many parts of the world for teaching to become an evidence-based profession; however, there are debates about the role of health educator performance evaluation as a catalyst for the improvement of teaching. The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of health educator performance evaluation procedures using the Integrated Quality Management System. This quantitative study used questionnaires to collect data from three hundred and thirty eight respondents selected through a convenient sampling procedure. The results show that while continuing health educator skills development process is an acceptable approach to quality teaching, the evaluation processes to determine areas of development are flawed. The results further show that through this process, health educators’ areas of professional development are identified and educators professionally developed. Their skills improve and learners benefit. The results suggest that despite some flaws in the process, the Integrated Quality Management system is an acceptable approach to evaluating health educators for quality teaching in the present health environment. Health educator evaluation plays a major role in the improvement of teaching through development of teaching skills. Evaluation creates a need for change of attitude from all concerned if the desired results regarding quality of health educators are to be achieved. The results suggest that the evaluation instrument needs to be improved while procedures also need strengthening so that an environment conducive for health educator’ professional development is created.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2411-6939