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Appraising coach performance: A qualitative analysis of coaches’ perceptions

J Surujlal


As a result of the proliferation of international competition, increased participation in sport, increased sponsorship, increased visibility of sport and greater levels spectatorship, the management of human resources in sport organisations has become an increasingly important factor in organisational success. Among the important human resources practices is performance appraisal. The current study examines the perceptions of sport coaches regarding their performance appraisal. A qualitative approach using in depth interviews was adopted for the study. The sample comprised eleven sport coaches who were selected through a purposive sampling technique. Five themes, namely criteria, feedback, purpose, appraiser and expectations emerged through the analysis of the data. Evident from the findings are concerns regarding the appraisal of sport coaches. Sport organisations need to take into account these concerns when implementing performance appraisal at their organisations. The performance of sport coaches should be appraised by a knowledgeable appraiser using sound appraisal techniques which considers all factors contributing to the overall performance of a coach. Furthermore clear guidelines regarding the criteria and purpose of the appraisal should be made available to both coaches and appraisers.

Keywords: Sport coaches, human resources, performance appraisal, feedback, appraiser, expectations, criteria.

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