HIV/AIDS peer education initiative for learners in Kuils River Western Cape, South Af

  • EL Stellenberg
  • V Corfield
Keywords: HIV/AIDS, peer education, street speak, metaphors, role play.


The workshop entitled “HIV comes to the party” presented the science of HIV and how it leads to autoimmune disease (AIDS). The process was interactive, using role play and model war games, followed by a “surprise party” demonstrating HIV transmission. The workshops were presented in groups of 30-40 learners from Grades V to Grade XI during which metaphors, role play and ‘street speak” were used. The purpose of the study was to determine the extent to which basic knowledge on the science of HIV/AIDS was retained after a peer educational initiative. A quantitative descriptive research design was employed. It was hypothesized that through the described HIV /AIDS peer education initiative, learners would assimilate and retain knowledge of the basic science of HIV and the progression to AIDS. A systematic random sample of 458(9%) was drawn from the population of 4848 learners who participated in the workshops. The learners were assessed in terms of a questionnaire: before the workshop, immediately after the workshop and a year later. There was an improvement in the mean scores: Quiz 1=7.8 (p<0.01), Quiz 2= 7.98 (p<0.01) and a year later 8.3. (p=<0.01). Interactive and peer-led groups using street talk and role play to teach HIV/AIDS is recommended as an option to teach the basic science of HIV/AIDS.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS, peer education, street speak, metaphors, role play.


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print ISSN: 2411-6939