Recreation cyclists, drivers, and challenges to sharing the road: An analysis of an online exchange in the United States about rights to the road

  • A Crow
  • E Broach
Keywords: Bicycling, attitudes, safety, legislation


The purpose of this study was to combine an analysis of 550 on-line responses with a review of the literature to gain insight about issues important for cyclists, motorists, and recreation practitioners. The comments, when analyzed provided a range of popular arguments about whether cyclists should have the right to the road and revealed attitudes that continue to be issues for city planners and the bicycling community. The arguments also revealed a lack of awareness about legal rights and responsibilities of cyclists and drivers. The findings from our analysis along with information from the literature suggest not only the need for improved communication and instruction regarding existing laws, but also suggest the need for better communication to the public by recreation agencies who promote bicycling.

Keywords: Bicycling, attitudes, safety, legislation.


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print ISSN: 2411-6939