Promoting recreation and leisure in the workplace

  • M Gungaphul
  • H Kassean
  • T Ramnarain
Keywords: Recreation, leisure, workplace.


This paper reviews the literature on the promotion of recreation and leisure in the workplace in general and its trends. Recreation and leisure is a theme that has moved away from being part of people’s personal space and has permeated the work sphere as a significant component. Modern organizations realize and value the importance of employee health, well-being, and personal and professional growth and believe that an extensive wellness programme will help employees to lead healthier lives. With individuals spending one-third of their time at work, much emphasis is being placed on the workplace as vital public health setting for physical recreation and leisure activities. Healthy and fit employees are more likely to be regular at work with a low rate of absenteeism, have a better professional behaviour and be more productive at work. Leisure and recreational activities provided to employees give them a medium to balance the work load with other leisure interests and a platform to socialise. Employees are spending more time in their workplace than ever before, and have less time to devote to leisure and recreational activities outside their workplace. Given the negative health consequences due to physical inactivity, this study looks at the trend towards the promotion of recreation and leisure in the workplace in general by reviewing the literature. This paper also draws attention to some concerns with implementing leisure and recreational activities in the workplace.

Keywords: Recreation, leisure, workplace.


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print ISSN: 2411-6939