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Evaluation of Alpha Theta training on neurophysiology, mood, mindfulness, health and spirituality

SD Edwards, DJ Edwards


The aim of this small scale study was to evaluate changes in consciousness, with special reference to neurophysiology, mood, mindfulness, health and spirituality, related to an alpha theta training programme of five sessions. There were 6 participants, 4 men and 2 women with mean age of 43 years and age range of 26 to 63 years. The training programme was associated with significant improvements in energy, mindfulness and spirituality and related trends in neurophysiology and health. Integrated qualitative and quantitative findings provided partial support for the alpha theta intervention as a training tool in clinical, health and sport psychological contexts, especially with regard to participants’ psychometric data. Results are discussed with special reference to health and sport in South Africa.

Keywords: Alpha Theta training, meditation, neurophysiology, mindfulness, mood, health, spirituality, sport.

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