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Testicular tumours in prepubertal children: About eight cases

R Khemakhem
YB Ahmed
S Jlidi
F Nouira
F Fdhila
A Charieg
S Ghorbel
S Barsaoui
B Chaouachi


Background: To analyze the spectrum of testicular tumors in prepubertal children and the therapeutic resultants in an unselected population.

Materials and Methods: Our hospital database was analyzed for testicular tumors from January 1995 to December 2010 concerning clinical presentation, treatment and therapeutic results.

Results: Eight patients were operated on because of testicular tumors.
In six cases (75%) the tumor was benign: benign teratoma (four cases), epidermoid cyst (one case) and immature teratoma (one case). Two  patients (25%) had a malignant tumour: yolk-sac tumour (two cases). All this children underwent surgery. Radical inguinal orchidectomy was  performed in six cases and conservative surgery was performed in two cases. One patient has received adjuvant chemotherapy. Followup was uneventfully three years after primary surgery.

Conclusion: In prepubertal children, most testicular tumours are benign. If tumour markers were negative testis-preserving surgery can be proposed,  complete excision of the tumour should be ascertained. In the case of testicular teratoma, the possibility of contralateral tumour should be    considered in the follow-up.

Key words: Children, Testis, Tumour, Teratoma,
yolk-sac tumour