High drain amylase and lipase values predict post-operative pancreatitis for choledochal cyst

  • S Honda
  • T Okada
  • H Miyagi
  • M Minato
  • A Taketomi
Keywords: Child, choledochal cyst, drain amylase, drain lipase, post-operative pancreatitis


Background: Post-operative pancreatitis is a severe complication after cyst excision with hepaticoenterostomy (CEHE) for choledochal cysts. The aim of this study was to examine the dynamic post-operative changes in drain amylase and lipase values after CEHE for choledochal cysts, and then compare these values with the clinical outcomes in order to identify risk factors for post-operative pancreatitis after CEHE.

Patients and Methods: A total of 19 patients with choledochal cysts were retrospectively examined in the period between 2005 and 2012. The amylase and lipase values in the drainage and the serum, and the output of the effluent were measured post-operatively. The associations between their values and the clinical outcomes were evaluated.

Results: Six were found to have a pancreatic leak according to an international study group definition. In two of them, who developed post-operative pancreatitis, both amylase and lipase values in drainage were markedly elevated at 1 post-operative day (1 POD). The drain amylase value seemed to elevate rather specifically dependent on
the occurrence of post-operative pancreatitis, whereas the drain lipase value tended to elevate regardless of the presence/absence of  post-operative pancreatitis.
Conclusion: It was indicated that amylase and lipase values in drainage at 1 POD could be effective predictors of post-operative pancreatitis after CEHE.

Key words: Child, choledochal cyst, drain amylase, drain lipase,  post-operative pancreatitis


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