African Journal of Paediatric Surgery

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Clean Intermittent Catheterization: Overview of Results in 194 Patients With Spina Bifida

A Jeruto, D Poenaru, R Bransford


Background: Clean intermittent catheterization (CIC) is a life-saving procedure in children with spina bifida, but its effectiveness in Kenya has not been previously documented.

Patients and Methods: The current study analyzed the application of CIC in a series of 194 patients with spina bifida who fulfilled set criteria for placement on the CIC programme. Caregivers were taught the technique and were provided with the necessary supplies.

Results: Leak point pressure (LPP) and post-voiding residual (PVR) data obtained correlated with development of hydronephrosis. Out of 176 children alive on CIC, 74% were continent (20% spontaneously, 37% with CIC, and 17% with CIC and imipramine). 18 children died of disease-related complications.

Conclusion: A CIC program is both feasible and effective in Kenya. Economic barriers must be overcome and further parent education is needed in order to offer all Kenyan children with spina bifida a good standard of care.
Key words: spina bifida; intermittent catheterization; urodynamics; neurogenic bladder.
African Journal of Paediatric Surgery Vol.(1)1 2004: 20-23

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