Ovarian echinococcosis in a 4-year old girl - case report

  • V Stanev
  • Penka Stefanova Clinic of Pediatric Surgery, University Hospital “St. George” Plovdiv Str. Peshterskoshosse 4001 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • E Porjazova
  • M Dureva


Hydatid disease of the genital organs is very rare with an incidence of 0.2%. This disease has no specific symptoms and findings. It is usually diagnosed intraoperatively. We present a case of a four-year old girl with ovarian echinococcosis, who had earlier been operated on in the Clinic of Pediatric Surgery University Hospital “St. George” Plovdiv, Bulgaria because of intestinal obstruction after laparotomy for liver echinococcosis.

Keywords: ovarium, echinococcus, girl

African Journal of Paediatric Surgery Vol. 2(1) 2005: 24-26