The African Journal for the Psychological Study of Social Issues is dedicated to the scientific investigation of psychological issues and related phenomena in Africa. The Journal does not undertake to specify rigidly an appropriate domain of content, but intends rather to reflect current significant research in various areas of psychology. Although the journal primarily publishes reports of empirical research, other types of papers relevant to the development of African view of Psychology (such as theoretical analyses, literature reviews, methodological notes, observations on published articles etc.) are also sought. Form of Manuscript: Manuscripts must be typewritten double-spaced on one side of A4 white paper. Typed script is preferred, but copies reproduced by multilith or xeros are acceptable if they are clearly legible and neat. All pages must be numbered. Three copies must be submitted, each copy including all figures and table. Page 1 should contain the title of the article, author(s) name(s) affiliation(s), a running title (abbreviated form of title) not exceeding 35 letters and spaces, and the complete mailing address of the person to whom correspondence should be sent. Page 2 should contain an abstract of 100-200 words, conforming to the style of Psychological abstracts. Figures: All graphs, drawings and illustrations are considered as figures and must be submitted in finished form consecutively with Arabic numerals in order of mention in the text. All figures must have descriptive legends types double-spaced on a separate page of the end of the article. References should be cited in text by author’s name and publication date, e.g. Ajayi (1960). Literature citations should be arranged alphabetically and typed single-spaced at the e4nd of the article. Journal title should be written out in full. Please note the following examples. Bale, L. (1971) Reporting an experiment: A case study in leveling, sharpening, and assimilation, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 7, 157-172. Balogun, S.K. & Ehigie, B.O. (1981).: The use of male and female therapists in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. In S. Woldu, & C.M. Agnew (Eds.), Issues in behaviour therapy. New York: Academic Press. Ugwuegbu, D.C.E. (1992).: Psychology and Development. Ibadan: University Press. Publication/Subscription Fee: It is the policy of the Journal to ask authors of successfully considered and accepted manuscripts to pay a token of N8,000 ($60.00) towards assisting in publishing the Journal. Final (corrected and accepted) MS should be submitted in 1 hard copy and Diskette MS Word). Correspondence: All correspondence should be addressed to: Dr. S.K. Balogun, Dept. of Psychology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. GSM: 08033322424 or 08023456423 E-mail:

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