An exploratory study of survival strategies of the refugees at Ijebu Oru: Desirability of credible government policy and supports

  • Oladele Adelere Adeleke
Keywords: Refugees, Survival Strategy, Displacement, Resettlement, Rehabilitation, Integration


This paper reviews the concept refugees, the survival strategies used by the  refugees, international organizations and the host government’s efforts to  integrate the displaced people fully into the new environment, which they were forced to. The paper also argues that refugees’ existence has stretched the basic facilities which was inadequate, even the male role-set has been affected negatively while women still carry out their normal activities. But for survival and stability, there is need for a special policy thrust that would pave way for  ensuring adaptive mechanism. The refugees stationed at Ijebu- Oru in Ogun State were studied; this camp was used because it offers wider coverage to the study when compared to Maiduguri camp. A sample of 210 was drawn from the total population .Interviewing and questionnaire methods were the major instrument used for this study. The result of the study pointed to the fact that a significant numbers of the refugees depend on the provisions and allowances from Nigerian Commission for Refugees (NCFR), United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and International Red Cross; though few of them involved in self-help projects to supplement refugees needs. The paper then concludes that the refugees need additional assistance in terms of empowerment that will pave for integration and full adaptive style.

Key words: Refugees, Survival Strategy, Displacement, Resettlement, Rehabilitation, Integration


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