Influences of working conditions on the performance of sign language interpreters and teachers of deaf students in Oyo State, Nigeria

  • JA Ademokoya University of Ibadan, Nigeria


This study, against the background of some perceived poor working conditions of personnel working with special needs persons, sought to ascertain the impacts of some specific working conditions on the job performances of sign language interpreters and teachers of deaf students. 81 interpreters and teachers constituted the study sample. They were purposively selected from some secondary schools for deaf students, Federal College of Education (Special) Oyo and University of Ibadan, all in Oyo state. One research question and three hypotheses were raised for testing. Section D of the Occupational Stress Questionnaire (OSQ) was administered to the study participants. The section contains 16 items designed to ascertain effects of specific poor working conditions on workers. Findings showed that poor working conditions such as delay in promotion and salary payment and unattractive office accommodation have significant adverse influence on working performance of both teachers and interpreters. Teachers significantly felt the disturbing influence of poor working conditions on their job performance than the sign language interpreters. However, gender and marital status have no significant relationship with the participants' sensitivity to the negative influence of poor working conditions on their work performance. Recommendation were made to initiate a turning around of the working conditions for personnel who work with special needs individuals for the good of these personnel and their clients.

African Journal for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Vol. 9(2) 2006: 233-248

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