Upgrading Training Skill Levels And Overall Human Resource Development Of Women For Employment Opportunities

  • GA Adetula


This survey was conducted on women employment, training and development. Despite opportunities and openings for women appointment at the higher cadres in Nigeria, it seemed they have not been taking up their chances. This prompted the need for this study to understand why women do not take up the challenge to seize the equal job opportunities open to them like their men counterparts. The stereotypes that women are weaker sex and non-pushful might still be dominating women psyche. This assumption calls for investigations also to ascertain and lay to rest the bias of men supremacy over women; to prevent stereotypes superseding the ideal think on differences between men and women, particularly in area of taking up employment opportunities. Six hundred women and men within employment ages were interviewed to support questionnaire data collection. Result show that what dominate every woman's perception was their cultural belief. This setoff inferiority complex and gender enslavement that have been given chance to grow in Nigeria. Women attributed their unwillingness and detest to strive for positions even for economic assistance as due to patterns the culture dictates and allows. Based on these findings, recommendations were made for improving women motivation for appointment seeking and suggesting on what the government and management should do, such as enlightening and upgrading women's knowledge and culture dynamics. Train them on skill acquisition and overall aptitude development to enhance their human resource potentials both for day to day living and for employment opportunities.

African Journal for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Vol. 11 (1&2) 2008: pp. 291-305

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