Political Corruption And Poverty In Nigeria

  • OO Faloore


The rate of political corruption in Nigeria is progressively increasing with
an upsurge in the number of cases where apparatus of government has become an instrument for the enrichment of members of political elites. From preindependence era to date, political corruption and its attendant problems in forms of vote buying, election rigging and manipulation, outright embezzlement by politicians have negatively affected the lives of Nigerians. This has led to increased political apathy and distrust in the country’s fledging democratic ideals. In view of the foregoing, the paper examines the extent of political corruption in Nigeria, with its implications on poverty reduction. Poverty Eradication Programme has not achieved desired results due to endemic political corruption. Therefore, to reduce poverty, immunities of politicians should be removed, law courts should be strengthened to adjudicate without fear and favour and public annual declaration of assets of political office holders should be made compulsory.

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