Home Accidents Effects On The Physical And Social Well-Being Of The Aged In Ogun State, Nigeria

  • YL Olaleye
Keywords: Home accidents, physical, social, well-being, aged


This paper examined some of the key issues facing physical and social
well-being of the aged people due to home accidents. The study was carried out in Ogun State of Nigeria to determine the effect of home accidents on the physical and social well-being of aged people. A multi-stage sampling technique was used in the selection of the respondents for the study. A total of 500 participants were randomly selected from the communities under study. The study adopted a survey design, one sets of questionnaire served as the major instrument. The data collected were analyzed using Frequencies, percentages and Chi-square analysis. The study revealed that decreased mobility as a result of home accident had a high effect on their physical well- being. The result also showed that home accidents resulted in a restriction of activities that affected the social life of the aged. The study also established that home accidents have severe effect on the physical and social well-being of the aged. This study therefore recommended that, a greater awareness should be made by the government, stakeholders, Non-government organizations and concerned persons about the danger of home accidents and its effect on the well-being of the aged. Social Work education should stretch its arms out to embrace erotological training for its students so that social workers trained in this discipline will develop an awareness of the needs of rapidly growing aged population.

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