The relationshp between rape experience and post-traumatic stress disorder among victims in Keffi Nasarawa State

  • CJ Takyun


This study was carried out to find out the relationship between rape experience and of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder among victims. One hundred and thirty-two female participants made up of seventy-two from Nasarawa State University and sixty from the general public in Keffi town of Nasarawa State participated in the study. Their age range from five to thirty-five years and they were all randomly selected from their respective population. They were administered a questionnaire that assesses their Rape experience and a PKS manual to measure Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Results indicate that those who have experience rape are more at risk of having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and that those who conceal the act to themselves are even more likely to have a high score on PKS, thereby experiencing high stress reaction. The implication of the finding is that clinical psychologists and other mental workers should address the issue of PTSD when dealing with the issue of rape. The Government and Ministry of Health should also provide trauma counselors for the management of rape victims.

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