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Current and emerging options in treatment of gout: A review

M.N. Kubo, G.O. Oyoo


Objective: To review current and emerging pharmacologic treatment options for gout, with particular emphasis on the rapidly changing  recommendations outlined in the latest treat to target strategy employed in the 2016 European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) guidelines.
Data source and extraction: Published clinical drug trials, reviews and  guidelines for the treatment of gout. Research work published in English and emphasizing pharmacologic management of gout was included after online and library searches.
Conclusion: Research into pharmacologic therapies for gout had largely remained silent after licensing of allopurinol in 1966. Since 2008 however, with approval of febuxostat and pegloticase, the stage has been set for exciting research into new molecules in the management of this largely curable condition. Updated evidence supporting the use of current and emerging agents such as febuxostat, canakinumab, lesinurad and  pegloticase is summarized in this review.

Key words: Gout; Acute fl are therapy, Urate lowering drugs

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