African Journal of Range and Forage Science

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The influence of nitrate and ammonia nitrogen on the photosynthetic and photorespiratory activity of selected highveld grasses exhibiting C-4 photosynthesis

Grossman D, Cresswell CF


A study has been made on the influence of nitrate and ammonia nitrogen on the carbon dioxide compensation point (T), carboxylating enzymes and growth of highveld grasses found at the primary, secondary and climax successional stages. The results obtained are discussed in relation to the influence of nitrogen on grassland succession found on the highveld.

Keywords: nitrate|ammonia|nitrogen|photosynthetic grasses|photosynthesis|photorespiration|highveld grasslands|grasses|C4 pathways|ammonia nitrogen|carbon dioxide|carboxylating enzymes|growth|successional stages|Gauteng Province|Transvaal

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