The eradication of Macchia (Fynbos) vegetation on the Amatole Mountains of the Eastern Cape

  • Trollope WSW


On the Amatole mountains of the Eastern Cape Province extensive tracts of grassveld have been invaded by Macchia (Fynbos) vegetation and rendered agriculturally unproductive. Two distinct Macchia communities occur, namely the Lowland Macchia dominated by Cliffortia linearifolia, and the Highland Macchia dominated by Erica brownleeae and Cliffortia paucistaminea. A similar experiment was laid out in each Community to determine the most effective method of eradicating the Macchia and replacing it with a grass sward. A wide range of treatments, comprising spraying with 2-4-5T weedicide, burning, cutting and stumping was applied. Stumping and burning most effectively eradicated C. linearifolia, whereas burning and, to a slightly lesser degree cutting and spraying, were very effective in eradicating E. brownleeae and C. paucistaminea.

Keywords: eradications|fynbos|vegetation|Amatole Mountains|Eastern Cape Province|plants|grasslands|veld|grasses|invasions|productivity|experiments|methods|treatments|spraying|burning regimes|cutting trials


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