Starch deposits in Themeda triandra Forsk

  • Nursey WRE


Themeda triandra tillers were examined microscopically at one to two-weekly intervals to determine where starch was deposited. Large numbers of starch grains were always present but the position of these deposits varied according to growth activity and flowering time of the plant. Starch deposits in the roots were usually within 14 cm of the root/shoot junction and tended to increase when soil moisture became limiting. Replenishment of the soli moisture store usually led to rapid disappearance of starch from most of the root zone and an equally rapid increase in starch deposits in the shoot. Periods during which starch deposits in the roots were minimal occurred in any month from November to April and varied in length from two to eleven weeks.

Keywords: flowering physiology|legumes|grasses|plants|soil moistures|roots|activities|growth|starch deposits|tillers|starches|shoots


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eISSN: 1727-9380
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