African Journal of Range and Forage Science

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The establishment of vegetation in civil engineering work

Jaaback G, Muzzell P


Wherever civil engineering construction is carried out soil is denuded of vegetation. To prevent soil erosion these areas must be revegetated in the shortest possible time. Recently advances have been made with methods of spraying seed into steep banks - called hydroseeding, and with soil stabilizing materials. Plastics are playing an important role here. There is a need for further research into the selection of suitable grass species for revegetating steep slopes. This work is challenging because of the many problems that have to be overcome before a suitable grass cover is established.

Keywords: hydroseeding (ill)|grass species|slopes|grass cover|engineering|vegetation|rehabilitation patches|stabilising materials|rehabilitations|seeds|spraying|methods|erosion|soils|civil engineering|constructions|establishments|seeding

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