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The Robertson Karoo as pastural area

Joubert JGV


In the Robertson Karoo eight plant communities can he distinguished. Quantitative plant surveys were conducted in all the communities. Succulents form an important component of the vegetation. The plant communities are very stable after invasion by succulents which tend to remain dominant more or less permanently. A small percentage of the vegetation is eaten by stock. There is very little edible material in the summer, but more in the winter and spring. The veld is vulnerable to grazing from late autumn (May) until the end of spring (October) on account of leaf development and flower formation. The successful establishment artificially-sown, edible, Osteospermum sinuatuin, raises great hopes, for radical improvement of the veld.

Keywords: vegetation|species lists|establishments|leaves|grazing|livestock|invasions|surveys|plants|succulents|plant communities|pastures|pastural areas|Karoo|communities|plant invaders

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