A study of the factors infuencing the breaking tension of the leaves of various grasses

  • Theron EP


The relationship between the breaking tension of the leaves of several indigenous grasses and various possible physical and chemical determinants of this property was examined by means of a multiple linear regression analysis. In this analysis a distinction was drawn between mature and immature herbage and between the possible chemical determinants when calculated either on an oven dry basis or on a fresh matter basis. The regression equations obtained indicated that the breaking tension was influenced by a number of factors but that the factors contributing most significantly to this property of the herbage depended upon the maturity of the grass leaves. When the herbage was mature, the apoplastic network, as measured by the percentage strengthening tissue was the most important determinant of the breaking tension but in the immature herbage, the intensity of lignation of the cell wall was of paramount importance.

Keywords: breaking forces|immature herbage|mature herbage|herbage|analyses|multiple linear regressions|chemical determinants|indigenous species|relationships|grass species|grass leaves|grasses|leaves|breaking tensions|influences|physical determinants


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eISSN: 1727-9380
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