African Journal of Range and Forage Science

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Predicting animal production on sourveld: a species-based approach

PJ O'Reagain


Presents a simulation model which was developed to predict average daily gain in cattle and sheep grazing different species and swards of different species composition on Dohne Sourveld. The model was based upon measured ingestive and digestive characteristics of different grass species and incorporates an explicit digestive constraint based upon rumen mass and turnover rate. Illustrates with graphs, diagrams and tables.

Keywords: ADG; Andropogon appendiculatus; Average daily gain; Cattle; Cynodon dactylon; Digestion rates; Dohne Sourveld; Eragrostis plana; Forage quality; Grass species; Hyparrhenia hirta; Intake rates; Microchloa caffra; Model description; Model output; Rumen mass; Selection sequences; Sensitivity analyses; Sheep; Species composition; Turnover rates; south africa; animal production; production; botany; digestion rate; intake rate; selection sequence; simulation model; stutterheim; döhne agricultural development institute; modeling
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