Influence of stocking rate and grazing systems on available grazing in the Northen Cape.

  • JH Fourie
  • DPJ Opperman
  • BR Roberts
Keywords: above-ground phytomass, continuous grazing, grazing, grazing pressure, grazing systems, northern cape, phytomass, rainfall, south africa, stocking rate, stocking rates, veld


The influence of rotational and continuous grazing systems, each applied with four stocking rates, on the aboveground phytomass of veld was determined over four years. Grazing systems showed a significant influence on available herbage during one year only. Increased stocking rates brought a progressive decline in above-ground phytomass. During the fourth season (1980/81) the average grazing pressures at stocking rates of 10ha, 7ha, 5,5ha and 4ha/large stock unit were 5984kg, 3417kg, 2390kg, and 1238kg phytomass/large stock unit, respectively. At the end of the fourth season (July, 1981) there was reserve grazing available on the various stocking rates for approximately 579 days, 337 days, 202 days and 76 days, respectively. The risk of high stocking rates in the marginal rainfall regions, is emphasised.

Keywords: above-ground phytomass; continuous grazing; grazing; grazing pressure; grazing systems; northern cape; phytomass; rainfall; south africa; stocking rate; stocking rates; veld

Journal of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa.

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eISSN: 1727-9380
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