On the sensitivity of seven legumes to the herbicide Tetrapon.

  • CJG Le Roux
  • LG Howe
Keywords: <i>coronilla varia</i>, disturbance history, dohne research station, eradication, Herbicides, legume, legumes, Lotus, <i>lotus corniculatus, lotus pedunculatus, Medicago, medicago sativa, Nassella</i> eradication, <i>nassella</i> tussock, Sensitivity, sou


Reports the results of a study conducted to screen seven legumes for their sensitivity to tetrapion, a herbicide used to control the nassella weed; A trial was conducted in a glasshouse to screen seven legumes for their sensitivity to tetrapion. The application rates were 0g, 750g, 1500g and 3000g a.i./ha. Lotus corniculatus and Vicia dasycarpa were not visibly affected even at the highest rates. L. pedunculatus was affected slightly and Coronilla varia was probably also affected slightly. Medicago sativa was affected moderately severely while Trifolium pratense and T. subterraneum were affected severely. The legumes which were not severely affected by tetrapion show promise in the Dohne Sourveld and should be used in the nassella eradication campaign. The need for further screening and research is stressed.

Keywords: coronilla varia; disturbance history; dohne research station; eradication; Herbicides; legume; legumes; Lotus; lotus corniculatus; lotus pedunculatus; Medicago; medicago sativa; Nassella eradication; nassella tussock; Sensitivity; south africa; stipa trichotoma; Tetrapion; Trifolium; trifolium pratense; Trifolium species coronilla; trifolium subterraneum; Vicia; vicia dasycarpa

Journal of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa.

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eISSN: 1727-9380
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