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Effects of certain burning treatments on veld condition in Giant's Castle Game Reserve.

Scotcher J.S.B., Clarke J.C.


Available above-ground standing crop, basal cover and species composition in summer-, autumn- and spring-burnt veld were measured. After three biennial summer burns the veld showed a significant difference in species composition and basal cover when compared with biennial spring-burnt veld. Available above-ground standing crop of summer-burnt veld 18 months after treatment was generally lower than autumn- and spring-burnt veld 17 and 11 months after burning respectively. Indications of species composition changes from autumn-burnt veld are not conclusive at this stage due to lack of long term treatments. The results obtained from the summer burning experiments have led to their being discontinued.

Keywords: above-ground standing crop; basal cover; burning; composition change; giant's castle game reserve; natal drakensberg; south africa; species composition; standing crop; veld condition

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