African Journal of Range and Forage Science

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Patterns of defoliation in four- and eight-paddock grazing systems.

Gammon D.M., Twiddy D.R.


Patterns of defoliation of the dominant palatable species in a recommended eight-paddock system and a four-paddock system with the same grazing cycle were monitored by repeated observations of marked tillers. In the two systems, the percentages of palatable species grazed in each period of stay, the numbers of defoliations per tiller during the season, the uninterrupted growth intervals and the heights of defoliation were all similarLanguage: English

Keywords: Defoliation; Grazing seasons; Intervals; Selectivity; Tiller heights; Treatments; frequency; grazing systems; palatable; tillers; growth; effects; botany; rotational grazing; thabamhlope research station; highland sourveld; natal; south africa

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